How we started

Like most of  the good ideas ours also started with a dream. The dream of producing  our own wine . To make a dream come true many things have to come together. So we had to wait until 2010 to find the right spot ,the right grapes ,the right architect and the needed cash to realize our dream. Once getting started there was no turning back, and since that day we are working hard to realize our dream.

From the very beginning our aim was to go for quality rather than quantity. We imported vines from France to match our soil and climatic conditions,we placed the fermentation tanks on a higher level than the storage tanks to avoid the usage of pumps .The winery itself is in the middle of the vineyard and we are working with one of the best winemakers in Turkey , Antoine Bastide d'lizard.

Now there was one thing left to do; We had to give our dream a name; Just like Anatolia is the the birthplace of wine so is İona , the ancient name of our area; the birthplace of philosophy.If philosophy is about finding the truth, the answer is  in wine . As they say IN VİNO VERİTAS .

We wanted to make a tribute to the great men who laid the foundations of rational thinking 2500 years ago . So we named our brand YEDİ BİLGELER - SEVEN SAGES.All the wines we have produced so far were named after one of these philosophers. Anaxagoras,Lassos,,Thales, Solon and Bias.  



The Seven Sages Winery

The Seven Sages Winery

Yedi Bilgeler is the first and only vineyard in Turkey that incorporates a winery, hotel, and restaurant in one complex. You will experience a very fine example of a boutique winery and have the chance to see the production area with its tanks, and the storage cellars with oak barrels and bottled wines.

During the vintage season you have the chance to see the activities of the vineyard and winery and participate if you please. While enjoying your meal in the restaurant you can observe the work in the winery.

Outside the vintage season our wines are resting and maturing  in their casks and tanks. During this period you still can understand the process of winemaking by means of our visual presentations, both from photographs and film. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

If you choose to stay with us  longer, our tastefully decorated rooms will help you to leave behind the stress of everyday life.