Our Wines

Anaxagoras 2013 Chardonnay:

Decanter Bronze

Nose: Green and speckeled apple , melon, nut and butter.

Palate: Round and lively ,with floral and fruit flavours , very elegant and well-balanced.

Lassos 2012 Rose Shiraz:

Veritas Bronze

Nose: Fruity and aromatic. Complex nose with scents of garden plants and flowers, red fruits.

Palate: Easy palate, with a nice balance of acidity.The first sip confirms the  fruity character followed by a  refreshing touch of flowery flavours.

Solon 2012  Red Shiraz :

Nose: A well-balanced aroma of raspberry, black currant, black pepper and violet scents.

Palate: Lively ,slightly tannic ,elegant and well-balanced fruit and lightly spicy aroma.

Thales 2011: Cabarnet Sauvignon (%50), Merlot (%40), Shiraz (%10)

Nose: A sharp aroma with black cherry and green pepper fragrances.

Palate: A lively , full-bodied , very elegant fruit aroma with a small touch of oak flavor.

Bias 2011: Cabarnet Sauvignon (%45), Shiraz (%40), Merlot (%15) Reserve Blend

Vinalies Gold

Nose: Vibrant fruit aromas .Black cherry, blackberry and pepper flavors.

Palate: Silky tannins ,cooked red fruit flavors with a round and refreshing palate. Chocolate and cigar tastes with intense aromas of sweet spices. very balanced and impressive long finish.


The Winery

The vineyards are our soul; the winery is our heart. They combine to create one of nature’s most wholesome foods .Healthy grapes yield the purest wines; sulfites and histamines are reduced, creating more organic and taste appealing wines.

Our state-of-the-art winery was created to handcraft our wines with advanced technology in lieu of chemistry. Dedicated winemaking: rotary, cask and barrel fermenting, cooling tanks and gravity feed work in tandem. Nitrogen bottling reduces sulfites. 

After climate and soil conditions were examined at LCA laboratories the matching clones of grape vines( Cabernet Sauvignon-Malbec-Shiraz  and Merlot) were imported from France